Civil construction Brick Hollow M 125

The use of brick spread to many, mainly nenaruzhnnye, design – lightweight exterior walls, tall buildings carcasses, finish high-rise buildings, installation of interior partitions.

Brick corpulent civil construction M 200

Application of this type of brick is very broad. It is used for construction with high requirements for wall materials. This type of brick used for construction elements such as exterior walls, arches and columns that serve as a support for the building, the elevator shaft – it can withstand high loads, stairs, etc.

Brick Kiln M 200

Suitable for masonry stoves, rude, fireplaces, chimneys.

Klinker bricks front

Designed for the cladding of buildings, construction of fences and small architectural forms.

Clinker Technical (burnout)

It is used for construction elements such as the base (insulates the cellar of snow, wind, cold and dampness), base (influenced in an aggressive environment, which can spoil the house), external staircases (extremes of humidity and temperature can destroy a ladder that will not happen when using a similar material), wells, cellars, etc.

More information on the site:”Chapaevsky brick plant“

Block Ceramic 2NF M150

They are used for construction of bearing walls of buildings up to 24 meters at a height of one floor of 4 m:

  • houses;
  • public buildings;
  • commercial real estate;
  • industrial building.

Also ceramic blocks are the ideal material for the construction of load-bearing structures in monolithic construction.