Charcoal burns at intense temperatures, up to 2,700 °C.  By comparison the melting point of iron is approximately 1,200 to 1,550 °C . Due to its porosity it is sensitive to the flow of air and the heat generated can be moderated by controlling the air flow to the fire. For this reason charcoal is still widely used by melting.

Perechin Timber and Chemical Plant is proud to work with world leaders of this industry such as:

Wieland Werke AG,  Aurubis AG, Montanwerke Brixlegg AG.

 Our production process allows us to control Cfix content, ash content, humidity and volatiles, also we are able to produce different fraction of charcoal. We will produce charcoal according your requirements.

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Products produces by ALC “PCP” Coagulant ” are represented by a number of reagents, intended to increase the efficiency and technical lifetime of the equipment, as well as for use in various technological processes of metallurgical industry. These reagents are developed to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operations of water treatment and wastewater disposal, boiler and water heating equipment and membrane systems

More information about the list of reagents and their areas of application can be found on the site of the production plant ALC “PCP” coagulant ”

More information on the site: “PCP Сoagulant“