Group of industrial and commercial enterprises “POLYPROM” was founded in 1992, based on the «POLYPROM» enterprise (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine), which was specialized in research and innovative activities.

Elaboration and implementation of modern resource-saving technologies in the metallurgical and mining industries have brought an opportunity to establish close production ties with the major Ukrainian enterprises, such as JSC “ZALK”, PJSC “Dniprospetsstal”, JSC “DMC”, JSC “UGOK”, MCC “Rovenkianthracite”, etc.

In the following, it has been developed and implemented a plans of metallurgical raw materials supply (complex deoxidizers based on aluminum, technological hardcoal, petcoke, etc.), energy and power. Collaboration with metallurgical plants, such manufacturers as JSC “Zaporizhstal”, JSC “Krivorozhstal”,  PJSC “Ilyich iron and steel works”, etc.,  has allowed organizing the export of large shipments of rolled and flat steel and specials. It has been created a chain of wholesale and retail of metal warehouses.

The same year, “POLYPROM” started cooperation on dealer contracts with well-known German company Atotech Deutschland Gmbh on supply in Ukraine technologies, expendable materials and equipment for galvanotechnics and printed circuits production.

In 1997. our company received a license for the right to business activities realization for the supply of electricity.

The management and shareholders of the enterprise, realizing the importance of the development of their own production facilities, have invested funds in modernization and technical re-equipping, as well as funding of partners’ production facilities. The acquisition of majority stake in ALC “Pology chemical plant “Coagulant“, JSC “Perechin timber and chemical plant“ and investing in allied industries has identified the main activities of the group “POLYPROM “.

The acquisition of controlling interest in ALC “Pology Chemical Plant “COAGULANT” in 1997, and of OJSV “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant” in 1998, investing in related manufacturing, has determined the main areas of activities of group of companies – “POLYPROM”, specifically, the production and supplies of coagulants and materials for water and municipal sewage treatment on enterprises, water supply of settlements, pulp and paper plants, sugar factories, etc.; production of chemical products (ethylacetate, ethyl alcohol technological, urea-formaldehyde resins) for paint and coatings industry, furniture and woodworking industries; charcoal production for the population and industry; production of constructional materials.

In 2000., a new section for the production of coagulants in a ALC “Pology Chemical Plant “COAGULANT” was put into operation where, along with the manufacturing of traditional products – aluminium sulphate, has started production of the new reagent – aluminium hydroxychloride – ” POLVAKTM“, which was developed by our own technology.

Meanwhile the investment project on reconstruction of retort house for charcoal production was completed at the OJSV “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant”.

The production of ceramic bricks on the basis of Chapaevski field was resumed in 2000. In the same year, wood charcoal production (coal, briquettes) manufacturing by “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant”, under the brand «GRILLYTM» has been appeared on the market of Ukraine, and in 2002., dealership network for the sale of grills, barbecues and accessories for picnics, under the brand «GRILLYTM»   has been completely developed.

In 2004., at the “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant” was put into service a second vertical retort, which made it possible to increase the production of wood charcoal products to 25,000 tons / per year.

In February, 2008. the company has been certified in accordance with international standard -ISO 9001:2000.

The reconstruction of the section at the OJSV “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant”, made it possible to create a modern ethylacetate manufacturing line, where all the process stages are continuous, which provide the product release with the highest “urethane-quality”. Productive capacity has increased from 1,800 tons / per year (2002). to 25,000 tons / per year (nowadays).

Technology of production of urea-formaldehyde resins (UF resins) at the “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant” has experienced a number of changes recently, due to the development of engineer-technician staff of the plant. As a result, at the present day, are produced lowmolar resins with low toxicity, and with a low content of free formaldehyde, for manufacturing (as adhesive compound) of wood particleboards and plywood, which correspond to emission class E-1 and E-2.

Nowadays, the assortment of adhesive bondings and coatings is expanding. In 2016., started the production of polyvinyl-acetate dispersions, impregnating resins, as well as a development of polymeric adhesive compounds.

In addition to increasing capacity and start-up at the plant, was carried out improving of auxiliary facilities and infrastructure.

In 2012., put into operation the recovery boiler operated on the solid-fuel “UNIKONFORT”, capacity of which is 8t of steam per/hour, which made it possible to completely omit of natural gas for technological needs, as well as to have a beneficial effect on productivity of the main products.

Developed and adopted the production of curing agent for the UF resin`s bondings.

For the purposes of improving conditions of staff working environment, it has been reconstructed aspiration systems in the charcoal production with full replacement of the cyclonical equipment to modern bag dust filters, which made it possible to reach the fineness and significantly reduce dust in the workplaces.

It has been established a hard-surface pavement in the plant, access roads, installed new rail and truck scales, implemented a new system of weighing method of acceptance of wood raw materials.

It has been equipped unloading block of carbamide in big-bags.

Constructed new storage facilities for raw materials and finished products.

Fitted a new central smelter laboratory with modern equipment, which has made it possible to increase the number of tests twice.

As a result of close collaboration with SE”Dolžokskij distillery”, it was organized the manufacture of products, such as yeast, which have successfully implemented under the trademarks “Zmіy Gorinich” and “Pyshechka”.