One of the key pillars of the “Polyprom” enterprise is the pillar of responsible business dealing. Our company is committed to the strategy of sustainable development. We realize our impact on the environment and community, take into consideration the requirements and demands of the society, as well as provide public with straightforward information about our corporate activities. The high rate of manufacturing process management and the usage of high technologies allow our company to make great advances in the field of environmental safety.

Our target in the field of sustainable development is to maintain a balance between the economic aspects, responsible attitude to environmental safety and social responsibility. This approach is expanded to all the areas of our enterprise.

In the field of economic development, the company not only develops and implements new products with the great value for the consumer, but also increases the economical effectiveness of existing products, simultaneously with reducing the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of waste and emissions. The company develops projects for sorting and reclamation of waste into high additional cost products. OJSV “Perechin timber and chemical plant” carry out a project of existing waste`s processing in the amount of up to 22 tones, and all anew generated waste in the amount of 650 tons per month in the high-margin products.

One of the most important targets in the area of minimizing the environmental impact is to nullification the amount of waste from the processing of raw materials and minimization the usage of natural fossil fuel for technological issues. Particularly, the aspiration project of industrial premises was implemented; within the framework of this project were established air discharge purification systems, which made it possible to ensure threshold limit value of aerosols up to 30 mg / m3 at a rate of 150 mg / m3. On the enterprises in recent years, was developed and implemented a package of measures aimed at improving of the effectiveness usage of fuel-and-energy resources, and abatement of CO2 emissions:

– Absorption of natural gas was reduced by 35-fold, from 4 283 thousand m3/per year in 2008 year, to 122.5 thousand m3 in 2016 year;

– Installed solid fuel boiler, which works on the residual products;

– Executed thermal layer of main pipelines;

– Electrical drives were equipped with variable frequency converter;

– Carried out the renewal of lighting on high-efficiency LED;

– Created an accounting system, check out and analysis systems of the fuel-and-energy resources absorption, consumed by separate divisions, sections and production as a whole.

Raw materials used for the production of charcoal and briquettes are made of 100% hardwoods from forests with a high level of organization management

Products, manufactured by ALC «PCP» Coagulant» are, successfully, used in processes of pulp and paper mills, food, petroleum refining and textile industries, metallurgical and machine-building plants, etc. Usage of  reagents line allows to reduce water and electricity expenditure, purify and terminate wash-water wastes, impoverish biogenic elements (nitrogen and phosphorus), COD, BOD, weighted on the refinement of service-utility drain facilities and purify effluents of industrial and municipal sewage of different structure.

Realizing the sustainable development strategy, we also rely on the company’s values that unite all employees, regardless of their positions and departments they work in. Safety, responsibility, efficiency and teamwork – this is the foundation that allows us to go ahead with certainty.

The management of the company is totally understand, that the “health” environmental conditions is extremely important for human health, as it provides and creates conditions for the development of future generations. Therefore, products, manufactured by our enterprise, not only do not harm the environment, but also aims to support the stable functioning of natural ecological systems. As a part of the environment, we ensure caring attitude for the present and build the future.