Ethyl Acetate  –  an ester of  acetic acid  and ethyl alcohol, is a colorless volatile liquid with a pleasant fruity odor. Wide range of use of ethyl acetate related to its specific properties – high solubility and volatility. It has little toxicity compared to other solvents. For the technical level of production of ethyl acetate by esterification it meets modern world level. All process steps are carried out by continuous scheme, and the mass fraction of a substance reaches 99.9%.

Product specifications:

Parameter Value In fact Test Method
1. Appearance Clear colorless liquid free from matter in suspension Corresponds ASTM D2090
2. Colour, Hazen units 10 max. <5 ASTM D1209-00
3. Density at 20°C, g/cm3 0.899 – 0.901 0.900 ASTM D4052-96
4. Ethyl Acetate, % mass 99.92 min. 99.96 By chromatogr. GC method
5. Acidity (as Acetic Acid), % mass 0.004 max. 0.003 ASTM D1613-96
6. Residue on evaporation, % mass 0.001 max. Corresponds ASTM D1353-96
7. Water, % mass 0.03 max. 0.008 K.Fisher method
8. Ethanol, % mass 0.02 max. 0.002 By chromatogr. GC method

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