Reagents for specialized wateruse

Chemicals reagents for specialised wateruse ITS WATER™ RSW are used for treatment of industrial recycling water of open and closed water systems, boiler water treatment, membrane technology systems, as well as in the processes of thickening and decantation of sludge. Reagents ITS WATER™ RSW are widely used in industries such as food, chemical, metallurgical, oil production and refining, paper, as well as in municipal water treatment and cleaning of domestic wastewater. “PCP” Coagulant “offers a number of reagents for specialized wateruse:
1. Reagents for stabilizing the water, which is used in circulating cooling systems:
• Reagents for inhibition of corrosion and scaling;
• Biocides;
• Dispersants, that prevent the formation of sludge in the system.
2. Reagents for stabilizing the water, which is used in boiler and water heating equipment:
• Antiscalants, that prevent the formation of deposits in boiler systems;
• Reagents for disposal oxygen;
• Reagents for sludge conditioners;
• Preservatives;
• Antifreeze agents;
3. Reagents for reserve osmosis and ultrafiltration systems (RO / UF):
• Antiscalants;
• Biocides;
• Cleaners for acidic and alkaline wash;
• Preservatives and disinfectants.

More information about the list of reagents and their areas of application can be found on the site of the production plant ALC “PCP” coagulant ”
More information on the site: “PCP Сoagulant“