Strategy and values

Success of our company, principally, is based on a committal to its values over a period of the 25 years of existence.

We indicate such qualities as:

Leadership – due to the expansion of contents and types of qualitative chemical products and services, which are oriented on customer insights, extension of products` marketing, as well as permanent skills upgrading and self-improvement of our employees.

Innovativeness – we are seeking the ongoing development, looking for a new opportunities, we consider that effectiveness depends on investing in innovative ideas. We, constantly, monitoring technological innovations, for the purpose of adoption advanced experience to our industries. There are a great number of young and highly skilled scientists, experts, work in our enterprise, and we collaborate with many high-tech companies on improvement of applied technologies.

Client-centeredness – we are striving to understand the innermost needs of our customers, to be certain that we offer genuinely workable solutions, which can drive to success, both now and in the future. Our main target is not only supply products, but also provide a full range of problems solving. Ethics and integrity define our behavior in working with customers, team members, and suppliers.

Team – we are developing competency in every aspect of our work, using the personal and professional trainings. We are looking for knowledge. We show regard for the diversity of opinions and greet innovativeness. We are positive in communication, share information, advice and support each other.