Reagents for pool care Froggy

Reagents for pool care FROGGY – are the set of products that ensures efficient cleaning of the pool, water quality, safety and comfort of bathers. The use of preparations will reduce reagent concentration and insure long-term operation of the metering and filtration equipment. The complex of preparations for the water treatment in swimming pools includes:
– Reagents for correction of the pH level;
– Chlorine based and oxygen based disinfectants for shock and regular disinfection of pool water;
– Algycides, which are used for fast removal and prevention of all types of algae;
– Coagulants and flocculants are used for treatment and clarification of turbid water;
– Complex of preparations for the correction and prevention: reagents for pool surface treatment; for removal of mineral and organic deposits, metals; for neutralization of excess chlorine and bromine; for winter conservation of the pool.

More information about the list of reagents and their areas of application can be found on the site of the production plant ALC “PCP” coagulant ”
More information on the site: “PCP Сoagulant“