Reagents for special application

Reagents for specialised applications – are reagents the usage of which is aimed at satisfaction of the needs of industry in the field of optimization of processes of transportation, transshipment, technological processing, bounding of carbon-containing, mining and non-metallic materials, adding the products new technological qualities, as well as to reduce dust emissions into the air basin of metallurgical, mining, coal processing and enrichment facilities. Reagents for specialized application are represented by the next products:
1. AMOPOL – reagents based on ammonium salts;
2. POLYPAV – reagents based on surfactants;
3. FOSFOTERM – binding agents based on aluminium phosphanes.

More information about the list of reagents and their areas of application can be found on the site of the production plant ALC “PCP” coagulant ”
More information on the site: “PCP Сoagulant“