ALC “Pology chemical plant “Coagulant”

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ALC “Pology chemical plant “Coagulant”, one of the oldest and the only specialized manufacturer of coagulants on the territory of the former Soviet Union, started its activities in 1940. The plant’s projected capacity of 12 000 tonnes of crude aluminum sulphate per year, which was made of kaolinasyrtsa local deposits.

In 1999 the general shareholder of PCP coagulant, the company NPP “Poliprom”, it was decided to place production on hydroxychlorides “of PCP” coagulant “. After considering a number of offers to purchase technology from foreign manufacturers, it was decided to give preference to domestic developments, and with the help of experts NIOCHIM (Kharkov) to realize the industrial production of aluminum hydroxychlorides under the trademark “POLVAK» TM.

In 2007, the modernization of the production of aluminum hydroxychlorides: built a new warehouse for finished products, production facilities were reconstructed, installed accessories. Capacities of the enterprise after reconstruction designed to produce 100 000 t / y of aluminum sulfate and 40 000 t / y of aluminum hydroxychlorides.

High quality of products of JSC “PCP” coagulant “today is well-known not only in Ukraine. The company provides a steady supply of coagulants in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, the Baltic countries and Central Asia. We are bound by long-term partnerships with recognized European leaders in the field of water treatment reagent.

In the industrial base of the company is constantly engaged in the development of reagents to optimize the coagulation process of natural treatment and wastewater using various iron coagulants and flocculants. In 2009, we developed and put into production a new class of coagulants polyaluminium chloride (aluminum hydroxychlorides) brand «Pro-AQUA» TM.

The team of highly qualified specialists of department of introduction of JSC “PCP” coagulant ”  has sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical experience to carry out all necessary works related to water treatment reagent. We provide optimal selection of reagents in the laboratory, accompanied by the pilot and industrial tests on customer’s wastewater treatment plants.

Hopefully, our agents and our experience will help ensure the efficient and uninterrupted operation of your water treatment systems.