“Zaporizhkoks” modernized the system of biochemical wastewater treatment

 “Zaporozhkoks” within the framework of the program of ecological modernization of production carried out major overhaul of aeration tank No. 7, intended for biochemical wastewater treatment. The company’s investments amounted to more than 2.8 million hryvnia.

Aerotank No. 7 is a structure of key importance in the biochemical treatment of industrial water. A complex system for cleaning industrial and sewage supports the habitat of microorganisms that purify water from harmful impurities to the maximum permissible standards. After cleaning, the water is re-returned to the production cycle of the plant.

“Since 2000, Zaporozhkoks has been using the technology of a closed cycle of water supply, which completely excludes the discharge of industrial waters from the enterprise to the Dnieper River. We continuously keep under control the serviceability of environmental equipment, timely modernize it in accordance with the accepted environmental standards, “- said the general director of the plant” Zaporozhkoks “Vitaly Litovka.

Overhaul of the aero tank No. 7 was carried out with the involvement of specialists from the Ukrainian State Research Institute for Wastewater, Water and Environmental Protection.

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