In the Dnieper, river water is cleaned by fish, and in Pavlograd, fertilizer is produced from waste waste

Students DNU. Oles Honchar, together with the teachers, created about 1000 spawning nests. As a result, about 1.2 million larvae were obtained, among them – bream, roach, crucian carp. Nests were installed in river areas, where the spawning grounds of the fish are thickened – in the territories of Staraya Kodaki, Voiskovoe, Nikolskoe and Samara Bay.

According to the forecasts of the developers, in 5 years, during which the installation of nests will be carried out, it will be possible to increase the growth of fish, than to improve the process of natural cleaning of reservoirs. The principle of such cleaning is based on the activity of fish, which feeds on the main pollution – blue-green algae, and on the nests microorganisms are formed, which contribute to filtration and water enrichment with oxygen.

Scientists in Europe have become interested in such a simple development. Based on the studies, a monograph was published in the Polish scientific journal.

On the river channel “Dnieper-Donbass” scientific research has been carried out for 6 years already. In 2010, carnivores, carp and white cupids were launched into the reservoir. By the results of chemical analyzes of water, the values of nitrates, nitrites and the chromaticity decreased significantly. The trend to improve water quality lasted 164 km. In the plans, the project managers would like to launch a black cupid, which fights with exceedances in especially polluted water bodies.

Fertilizer production from waste water

Pavlograd Chemical Plant has developed a technology for processing waste water, which allows to obtain biofuel and fertilizers. According to Leonid Shiman, the plant’s general director, this technology will allow to receive about 1.2 million cubic meters of gas and 180,000 tons of fertilizers a year.

He also urged the state to increase fines for pollution of natural rivers by sewage, this will force more industrial enterprises to build a sewage treatment plant without fail.

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