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OJSV “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant” is the largest producer of ethylacetate in Ukraine, manufactures wood charcoal and briquettes, quality of which conform to tough requirements of European and National standards, urea-formaldehyde resins for adhesion, in the process of the manufacturing of furniture, particleboard, fiberboard and plywood.

The plant is located in the south-west of Ukraine, at a distance of about 150 km from the Polish border, 50 km from the border with Hungary and about 30 km from the border with Slovakia. This geographical position of the enterprise allows ensuring the delivery of products to customers in Western Europe    in the shortest time span and according to agreed milestones. Currently products of JSC ” Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant ” has occupied it`s niche in the European market and is available in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Austria and other European countries.

Constantly, carried out works on implementation of environmentally sound technologies and reduction of negative impacts on environment of existing industries. Increased capacity of production of charcoal and briquettes to 25 thsd., tons per year. In 2010, it was increased the production capacity of ethylacetate to 25 thsd tons per year, the production capacity of urea-formaldehyde resins is about 50 thsd., tones per year. In the near future it is planned to organize the production of activated carbon, butyl acetate, and the organic solvents of different brands.

OJSV “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant” was built in 1893 by the Austro-Hungarian joint-stock company “Bantlin”, which manufactured wood charcoal, resins, methyl alcohol, acetous acid etc., from the wood. After the annexation of Transcarpathia to Czechoslovakia (in 1919) Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Factory, like the rest of the company “Bantlin”, has become the property of the bank “Zhivnobank”.

In 1922-23 the plant was reconstructed, a power station was built and factory machinery was transferred to electric traction. But the global economic crisis (1929-1933) led to the fact that the firm “Bantlin” started to reduce the production, to carry out job cuts, to declare lock-outs. Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Factory not only slowed down its development, but was in the deep crisis.

Resulting from the annexation of Transcarpathia, Hungary, and the latest entry into World War II, as an ally of Nazi Germany, all companies in Transcarpathia, which manufactured products for the needs of the front, more or less worked normally. In early 1940, the situation has stabilized in the Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Factory, important engineering measures were taken. For comparison, in 1942, the company has brought its owner “Deusch Gorf und Company” (Frankfurt am Main) profits in 32 times more than in 1939. At the end of the war, in the spring of 1944, part of the equipment was dismantled and evacuated, and the other part had to be destroyed. But thanks to the efforts of local authorities and air group of USSR, the further equipment`s evacuation and the destruction of the plant was sabotaged.

New machines application, in the postwar period, regulating and smooth production flow have supported the growth of the work rate. In 1957 the production of urea-formaldehyde resins has been set up in the factory, and in 1960 – the reconstruction of the formalin plant was completely carried out. In early 1962 put into operation, the second in the Soviet Union, ongoing retort, which made it possible to completely mechanize labor-intensive activities, automatize control over a technical process. In 1966 Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Factory was reorganized into Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant, and over 20 years (1946-1966.), the content of gross production has increased more than in 30 times.

In the period of 70-80 years., the company constantly updated technological equipment, stabilized production. A new retort, steam, were put into operation, was held gasification, mastered the best brands of urea resins, built a new plant for the production of ethylacetate, where advanced technology has been introduced. This made it possible to significantly improve product quality and approach to the European market.

With the deterioration of the political situation in the former Soviet Union, has deteriorated economic condition in the country. Difficult period in the history of the plant accounts for 1993-1997. There was a decline in the production of ethylacetate and charcoal, stopped the production of urea-formaldehyde resins and acetous acid, appeared the financial hardship.

In 1998, because of the privatization of enterprises, research and production company “Polyprom” acquired a controlling interest in OJSV “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant”. This made it possible to establish full-time operation of the enterprise.

In 2004, the second vertical retort was put into operation, which made it possible to increase the production of wood charcoal to 25 000 tons per year.

In February 2008, the company has been certified for compliance with an international standard ISO 9001: 2000.

Among the esters of a large class of chemical matters, leading role in the production and consumption belongs to ethylacetate.

The production of ethyl acetate at the OJSV “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant” carried out since 1948 and based on the esterification of acetous acid and ethyl alcohol (AA EA). During this period of time, production has repeatedly been reconstructed and improved.

In 1985, a new section was built – an open 4-story storage unit. Periodic processes gave place to outgoing, the quality of raw materials changed for the better and, consequently, the quality of the finished product, has increased unit capacity of machines, carried out the automation of the machines` work, implemented a modern chemical technology, created the most beneficial process parameters for the purposes of achieving the best world samples at the minimum coefficient of using raw materials, heating and electric energies, and liquidation the possibility of environmental pollution by emissions and wastewater.

Production process of ethylacetate consists of several stages: preparation of raw material, derivatization of the prime product by chemical transformations of intact substances and recovery of the straight product in from the reaction mixture, and waste recycling.

Currently, the production of ethylacetate by OJSV “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant” – is a modern manufacturing line, where all the stages of the process – continuous, has achieves  progressive engineering level, that ensures the release of the product of high “urethane” quality.

Relative to the development of new application fields for the manufacture of membranous roll materials for packaging diverse products (including – baby food), closer attention is paid to such indicators (previously not regulated) as residual odour. For these purposes, is used ethylacetate without any impurities. Our product satisfies all the demands, indicated below.

Ethyl acetate production of OJSV “Perechin Timber-and-Chemical Plant” is certified according to ISO.

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